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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Caviar problems and other stuff

Wow, already six months in Moscow. Time really flies. We already feel like part of this town, culture, and the apartment. Only difference, we are still in learning process to love what Russians love. And still finding millions of new places every day. Coming from a small town, where you really need to think how to spend your weekend, and not go to the zoo again third time in one month. Here the problem is to decide what to do out of million possibilities this weekend

The Caviar incident
In Croatia I loved Caviar, but it was not a thing that you would eat everyday. Coming to Russia, land of Caviar, I thought it was a match made in heaven. But then, you realise there is a problem. I never really thought there were different types of Caviar. That in Croatia you get one from the sea snail. I think I lived in denial, not wanting to realise that actually I am eating somebodies raw eggs. Coming to Russia I awaken this realisation. 

So to treat me with something exceptional my husband ordered a special red Caviar from Volgograd. Poor guy was negotiating delivery, price in his broken Russian and after few days he came proudly home with red Caviar especially for me. So me and my daughter set the table and can hardly wait to try this Russian masterpiece. I try it, and.......??????!!!!!!.
It was nothing like the one I am used to. It actually has quite big eggs so first I had a problem imagining eating real small baby fish and then in your moth it actually pops, like the chinese juice that you can buy with small bursting balls inside. I was so embarrassed. I do consider myself to be open to trying food, especially the one I already liked, but this was really not for me. So you can imagine my embarrassment as well as my husbands when he took it to the office to give it away. 
After some time I recuperated. And was up for another try, This time we decided to treat ourselves with Black Caviar, which is 5 times more expensive than red one and - it was amazing. Just, we will not be able to have this one more than once a year!

Minus 20 degrees
We were scared how we will get through the freezing winter, but it is really great. -20 degrees is amazing but you can only enjoy snow for 20 min, after that your hands, feet, nose and some other stuff start to burn and hurt. And, although on my boots and jacket it says it goes to -30 degrees, no way, it is not true, unless you do cross country running. No matter the clothes label, you can be out max 20 min or you become a frozen snowman.

Sledging adventure
It still amazes me how many stuff is there to see and do. One weekend we spent sledging. And it was a great day. It is quite a different way from the way we did it in Croatia. We went to Park Pobedy. there are three separate ice sledging paths. You rent a tire and off you go. Or not. Because in Moscow everything you do has to have some kind of traffic jam or long queue. In the queue it is much better to be rather small like me, people don't notice you move past them and go in front (just for your info, we started cutting the line after 10 other Russians cut it first, so we considered it to be a custom!). That was not case for my husband who is 2m tall. He did try but few Russians as tall as him just made a warning look and one shout and it took him 15 min more to get to the sledging path.

Fani Kabani
And where in the world do you find a restaurant with a live pig. Yes, live. She is called Fani. They bring her in the restaurant every few hours so you can pet her and feed her. It is really a good way to start being vegetarian. It wasn't as easy to enjoy the meat fully as this little cute pig comes to your legs and shoves you to get some treat.

And still I stand my ground that Moscow is not the city with coldest people in the world and no internet vote can change my opinion. I mean, never in my life have I got bonbons and chocolate in the taxi and heard whole life stories as in Moscow. the only catch is to talk Russian no matter how Croatian it sounds!!!


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