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Friday, 18 December 2015

De-stereotyping Russians?!

Russians are cold, or not?!

In the west Russians are considered to be very cold and reserved, completely closed to foreigners. I don't know how this opinion formed. Maybe because they all look really serious. Or because we all imagine Russians through Putin!?! For sure this opinion did not come from people who visited Russia. Any article I read from people who visited Russia talks about Russians as friendly and warm. 

My experience is very positive. Of course you can run into a lady in the kiosk who shouts at you before you ask a question, but this also happens in Croatia. One day I decided to go on foot to a food-store. which is a ten minute walk from where I live. As a typical woman, I bought five big bags of food, weighing at least fifteen kg. Thankfully, half way home I asked, in my clumsy Russian, a guy to help me, because I nearly fainted. AND HE DID. First I needed to convince him that I can carry half of it, because he wanted to carry all five bags by himself. He did not help me just over the street but went all the way to my building. I was really surprised, I imagined that here nobody wants to talk to a foreigner.

Another day I went to the post office, I needed to buy a postcard. And in Moscow you don't have postcards on every kiosk. So I managed to find it in the post office. But there was a long queue. Ok, I thought, 1 hour wait for one postcard. But lady who was just handing in her ten envelopes asked the post office clerk to give me a postcard and I was done in three minutes. She also added that Croatia is beautiful when I asked for stamps.

So I don't know if the Russian winter has still not cooled me down, or I am irreparable optimist, but I think Russians are very nice and open and I still enjoy every day of my time here.

Russian women are beautiful?!

Everyone has heard about Russian beauty, especially about beautiful women. Russian friends I know in Croatia are indeed beautiful. So I imagined that the Red Square looks like a catwalk. Well it does not. On Red square you mostly find Japanese tourists. So I tried to find some other places in the centre, but had no luck. In the end I gave up. There are not many beautiful women on streets of Moscow!

Luckily, I met a Russian guy who explained the whole mystery. Russian beautiful women are actually not walking down the street. They are also not in Metro. They are in - CARS. In the huge Moscow traffic. They are also high maintenance. If you want to be with a Russian lady from Moscow you need to have money and they insist on getting flowers very often. At least that is info that I have now. If i find it is not true I let you know.

Also now I am rethinking my mode of transport. As the saying goes; 'When in Rome do as Romans do!'. If I want to feel beautiful i would need to start driving a car. Think I'll wait for spring and pretend to be a student girl on Moscow metro.

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